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► Best Nursery...Highly recommended!!
Both of our daughters have gone to Gantshill playgroup..and have really enjoyed there.My younger daughter started in May 2017 ...and loved the nursery and all the staff members and still talks about them . Nihan is very caring and always listens to all the needs of my daughter.All the staff members are very caring...we would really recommend this nursery.


► Best so far
I have left my daughter with them from February last year, and I cannot tell you how much she has grown and learned from them.
She was well taken care of, even at the begining when I used to take her on and off as she could not settle, Nihan was the one who told me she is going to be in good hands and she really was. 
My other daughter is 14 months but I cannot wait until she is 2 to take her there as well!

► Lovely Staff,Excellent Service
First of all, on a day and age where professions are centred based on money, it was overwhelming and very pleased to meet a Head Teacher like you. Secondly thanks to all your teachers and support staff too who was around our little one providing an excellent foundation for learning all activities. We are extremely happy with the progress made by our little daughter in every aspect and we will recommend you Play group 100% to any parent who is interested. 

► Excellent Nursery.... Highly recommend..
Gantshill playgroup is an excellent nursery....Our son started going to this nursery when he had just turned 2. As any other parent and child, we both were not prepared for the change. We knew he was going to be out of our sight, out of our care, initially for a couple of days in a week, and wouldn’t lie it was a bit of a tear jerker for the first few weeks. But Nihan and every other teacher in the nursery were so reassuring and supportive throughout the whole process of settling in.

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